Major sporting event in Grenoble and in the world of trail in the heart of an urban area which Stendhal said that every street is an open window on the mountains, Ut4M  is always “a la carte”. On the menu, several options allow you to run your own Ut4M, according to your desires and your appetite. Select the race that you dream of doing. Choose the distance and the mountain. You can take everything … or just a small piece to taste.

Small or big eater, come and make a feast on our land.


Ut4M160 is the “Kings’ Dinner”, the all summits race. A race that takes you through paths and trails in not one mountain, or even 2 or 3 but rather in 4 mountains, each with their specificities: Vercors, Oisans-Taillefer, Belledonne and Chartreuse.

There are now three ways to participate:

Ut4M160 Xtrem

The Grail, the ultimate race to run alone

Ut4M160 Challenge

To do alone in stages over four days. Every day, a mountain with its atmosphere and beautiful trails

Ut4M160 Relais

To share with one, two or three friends … Or with runners that you may not know yet.

Ut4M100 Master

Ut4M100 Master is “cheese AND dessert.” You ran an Ut4M 40 last year and you want to go further? You are afraid of having eyes bigger than your stomach? Come and test yourself on half of our course.

Come and face Belledonne, the highest mountain and the steepest of Ut4M, on technical single tracks. Then continue in Chartreuse, in an area where the forest (of course black) dominates under the benevolence of Chamechaude, its highest peak.
The departure is now from the town of Uriage … that hosts a restaurant with 2 stars in the Michelin guide. Guaranteed gourmet meal …

Ut4M40 Series

To finally see the mountains during the day!!

“A la carte” is the credo of Ut4M  with the Ut4M40 series. Many formulas to compose your weekend trail in Isère, based on your motivations and tastes: Vercors, Oisans Taillefer, Belledonne and Chartreuse, so many different flavors to a menu that will be unique.

So, choose the mountains where you will feast.

And if the adventure appeals to you, start on Wednesday morning and then run each of the mountains after a good night’s rest.

Ut4M40 Oisans

“Ut4M40 Oisans” offers an exotic menu. Taillefer, it’s like a home-made ice-cream, a Siberian steppe scent that capsizes your senses. There are also splendid lakes that keep coming to delight your taste buds.

Ut4M40 Belledonne

“Ut4M40 Belledonne” offers a rustic menu, a typical mountain dish. Come enjoy meals on the terrace of the well-known summit of the Grand Colon from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of 360 °.

Ut4M40 Vercors

“Ut4M40 Vercors” offers a true main course. Vercors is the bush but also the green pastures, steep high plateaux and the legendary “Col de l’Arc”. Inevitable from the city, it becomes magnificent in the other direction, when passing through so the city is in front of us.

Ut4M40 Chartreuse

“Chartreuse”, a world famous liqueur you drink as well as an aperitif as at the end of the meal is named after the mountain in which it is distilled. It is through this mountain that this Ut4M takes you. Chamechaude, its highest peak is an emblematic place for all lovers of cross country skiing. During the summer, it delights hikers and trail runners.
After the others“Ut4M40” who will dare to take a little bit of Chartreuse?

Ut4M Vertical

Come treat yourself in Isère around Grenoble. Come to taste the flavors of our trails and our peaks. With Ut4M “a la carte” is up to you.
“Ut4M Vertical” is the icing on the cake. A race that nobody expected. And everyone was waiting for.
The ascent from Rioupéroux to Arselle made itself a name and a reputation. Feared by all runners, it is the ideal place for a vertical kilometer. Moreover, never before one kilometer has deserved its adjective “vertical” on 2.6 km of positive vertical ascent  of 1100m dixit Christel Dewalle, France’s  champion of Sky running !!!!
Do you think you are prepared to do it? Do you want to see why this climb is daunting? Do not hesitate.  Register.