Uriage (410m). After a strongly recommended short warm-up (yes, the first climb is 1200 D+) the runners plunge into the undergrowth that will take them to the plateau of Arselle (1600m) and to the Olympic resort of Chamrousse.
They continue with a beautiful climb in a very southern France feel to Lac Achard before reaching Croix de Chamrousse (2250m).

A short descent into a rocky landscape toward Lacs Robert (2000m) and a long traverse towards Col de la Pra (2186m), they will be able to lengthen their strides around the shores of Lac du Crozet before tackling the climb to the Grand Colon (2394m) summit.

The runners will then cross the valley via St. Nazaire les Eymes. The climb in the Chartreuse is via the Manival gorge that will take them to Col de la Faita (1425m).
Accessible from Col de l’Emeindras, that is particularly popular with hikers, runners should find plenty of encouragement here much needed to continue to the Bachasson hut and to the highest summit in the Chartreuse, Chamechaude (2082m).

The descent toward the pretty little village Sappey en Chartreuse (1000m) should leave its mark before a short climb to the St. Eynard fortress (1300m) where a magnificent view of Grenoble awaits them.
This is followed by the Col de Vence (782m), the Mont Rachais ridge and the Bastille fortress for the last few kilometres of this superb course.

They enter the Paul Mistral Park where their friends and family are waiting for them by the finish line.

The start of the race will be  in Uriage, closed from Grenoble to 10am.

Start : Friday 18th August 2017 – 10am- Parc d’Uriage

Finish : Palais des Sports of Grenoble

Distance : 95 km

Ascent : 5500 m


Télécharger ici la trace format GPX de l’Ut4M100 Master ou rendez-vous sur TraceDeTrail.fr


Time Barriers

Estimate your race time

You can download here an xlsx file. With this file, you can estimate your race time at each check point of the race. The estimation depends of your starting speed and the weakening rate of the starting speed.

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End race buffet*


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