Ut4M 160 is the “Kings’ Dinner”, the all summits race. A race that takes you through paths and trails in not one mountain, or even 2 or 3 but rather in 4 mountains, each with their specificities: Vercors, Oisans-Taillefer, Belledonne and Chartreuse.

There are now three ways to participate:

Ut4M 160 Xtrem

The Grail, the ultimate race to run alone

Ut4M 160 Challenge

To do alone in stages over four days. Every day, a mountain with its atmosphere and beautiful trails

Ut4M 160 Relais

To share with one, two or three friends … Or with runners that you may not know yet.

Here is the menu :

Starting in the Paul Mistral Park, Grenoble (205m) the runners of the Ultra Solo climb to the summit of Moucherotte (1900m) passing by the Olympic springboard and joining the Lans en Vercors ski station. The Moucherotte is the highest point of their Vercors crossing which gives them a magnificent view of the valley below.

From there they pass by Col de l’Arc in order to go back down to Vif passing by St. Paul de Varces. They cross the Uriol mountain and get refreshments at Vif. Following the northern balcony of Conest they will pass the Lac de Laffrey and then the Alpe du Grand Serre ski resort, always staying on the northern side of the Grand Serre.

They continue their path passing by the Périmètre hut, Brouffier ridge and Pas de la Vache, the highest point of this part of the race in the Taillefer massif (2414m), before descending to the Lac du Brouffier continuing to Lac Claret, Lac Pourssolet and Lac Fourchu where the vegetation and atmosphere will have them believing that they are in the middle of the steppe and Tundra. You shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to book a yurt at the Taillefer mountain hut.

They follow the path by the Chalets de la Barrière down to the first base camp at Livet-et-Gavet.

The next part of the race takes them to the Croix de Chamrousse (2250m), then the Col de la Pra, uphill to Lac du Crozet and finally reaching the summit of the Grand Colon (2394) which is the highest point of the course in the Belledonne massif. From here there is a wonderful view of the course; especially during a clear night with a bright full moon and the valley lit up (we were lucky enough to experience it in 2013). The athletes will no doubt take the time to turn around and appreciate Croix de Belledonne (2926m) and the Grand Pic that are close by towering over the entirety of this magnificent mountain range. They continue their course descending by the Granges de Freydière until they reach Versoud.

Next they pass through the valley of Gresivaudan via St. Nazaire-les-Eymes, the second base camp.

Finally via the Manival gorge, the Col de la Faita and Col de l’Emeindras they go all the way up to the summit of Chamechaude (2082m), the highest point in the Chartreuse massif.

All that remains for the runners to do is to climb up to the St. Eynard fortress after crossing the village of Sappey en Chartreuse, continuing to Col de Vence and then Mont Rachais until they reach the Bastille fortress where they will see the last 5K sign before they reach the finish line in the Paul Mistral Park.