For “epicurean” runners who want to take time to enjoy the menu offered by the Ut4M, the Challenge Ut4M160 is ideal.

Every day you will participate in one of four Ut4M 40 events:
1st day: Ut4M40 Vercors, 40km and cumulative elevation gain of 2500m, the mountain known for her role in the French resistance

2nd day: Ut4M40 Oisans, 48km and cumulative elevation gain of more than 3000m  in this magnificent mountain of Taillefer, Siberian-like sometimes, just steps from the homonymous peak and of the pyramid at his side.

3rd day: Ut4M40 Belledonne, 40km and cumulative elevation gain of 2500m with sometimes dizzying high altitude crossings

4th day: Ut4M40 Chartreuse, 40km and cumulative elevation gain of 2500m, to taste the liquor of the same name

Each evening return to base camp in Grenoble supported by the Organization; if you selected the package transportation option when registering.
In Grenoble, you will take time to restore and prepare yourself for the next day’s stage while sharing the story of your day with your family and probably other competitors. Why not take the opportunity to discover the rich culture and heritage of Grenoble, strolling in the inner city, at the table of a bar, a beer in hand, or at the theater to combine the useful and the pleasant to better share this stay with your loved ones.

Now, you’ll be able to live the Ut4M 160 Challenge adventure in complete immersion.
Days and nights, during 6 days, together during the effort and together to recover in the “night camp”, in the refuge we are opening with the help of “ecole de pupille de l’air de Montbonnot, near Grenoble.

The Ut4M refuge has been created for you: a peaceful site at the foot of the Chartreuse (stage # 4) and across from Belledonne (stage # 3)! Spacious and comfortable rooms with bathroom, common area, a good breakfast are awaiting you for a complete immersion during the race. More information here.

After four days, you will cross the finish line as a finisher of Ut4M in a reference time for the fastest (the record to beat is 20,01 hours) and in about 100 hours for the last ones, having used the full extent of the cut-off times to close this ultra tour (rest breaks included).

This is probably a good way to discover these mountains during the day and make your own experience through this version Ultra in stages, in the preamble of a later edition for which you’ll come back, well prepared, for the Grail with the Ut4M160 Xtrem (solo and in one stage).

For the fastest, every day is an opportunity to follow the one who will wear the leader’s jersey; this “yellow jersey” back into play every day until crowning its champion and two dolphins, the leader of the mountain and the leader of the descent, in Grenoble at the arrival of the last mountain.

Wednesday 16 August : Vercors

Thursday 17 August : Oisans

Friday 18 August : Belledonne

Saturday 19 August : Chartreuse

Pour montrer que vous êtes engagés dans cette course en 4 étapes, chaque coureur portera la chasuble de compétiteurs. Les leaders se distingueront avec un maillot spécifique à chaque classement comme montré ci-dessous :

Find more information on the different pages for Ut4M40 races.

Ut4M40 Vercors

“Ut4M 40 Vercors” offers a true main course. Vercors is the bush but also the green pastures, steep high plateaux and the legendary “Col de l’Arc”. Inevitable from the city, it becomes magnificent in the other direction, when passing through so the city is in front of us.

Ut4M40 Oisans

“Ut4M40 Oisans” offers an exotic menu. Taillefer, it’s like a home-made ice-cream, a Siberian steppe scent that capsizes your senses. There are also splendid lakes that keep coming to delight your taste buds.

Ut4M40 Belledonne

“Ut4M40 Belledonne” offers a rustic menu, a typical mountain dish. Come enjoy meals on the terrace of the well-known summit of the Grand Colon from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of 360 °.

Ut4M40 Chartreuse

“Chartreuse”, a world famous liqueur you drink as well as an aperitif as at the end of the meal is named after the mountain in which it is distilled. It is through this mountain that this Ut4M takes you. Chamechaude, its highest peak is an emblematic place for all lovers of cross country skiing. During the summer, it delights hikers and trail runners.
After the others“Ut4M 40” who will dare to take a little bit of Chartreuse?

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31st March 2017


30 June 2017


31 July 2017

180 €

200 €

220 €

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End race buffet**


End race buffet**


Pasta Party

Tuesday 08/15

Pasta Party

Wednesday 08/16

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Thursday 08/17

Pasta Party

Friday 08/17

125 €

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* for 5 nights including breakfast
** on Saturday evening during podiums
*** free for children under 18, no registration needed for them