Ut4M160 Relay

Passage temoin

L’ultra can also be shared with 2,3 or 4  people !

Ut4M, it is always “a la carte”! So why not share the feast with friends and family…?

Run the Ut4M160 with 3 friends, choosing your massif. It can also be run by 2 or 3 runners.

Warning: Only one ranking regardless of the number of runners in the team.

The start of the race will be at the Paul Mistral Park in the center of Grenoble at the same time as the Ut4M160 Xtrem.

A relay corresponding to a massif, find more information about each massif on the page of the Ut4M40 Series. Indeed, runners can hand over to Vif (km 40), Rioupéroux (km 89) and Saint-Nazaire-les-Eymes (km 127).

Le Parcours

Download here  the GPX file for Ut4M160  or  go on TraceDeTrail.fr


Time Barriers

Estimate your race time

You can download here an xlsx file. With this file, you can estimate your race time at each check point of the race. The estimation depends of your starting speed and the weakening rate of the starting speed.


Prices for registration


31st March 2017


30 June 2017


31 July 2017

200 €*

220 €*

240 €*

Tarifs des options

End race buffet**


End race buffet**


Pasta Party

Tuesday 08/15

Pasta Party

Wednesday 08/16

Pasta Party

Thursday 08/17

Pasta Party

Friday 08/17

5 €****

12 €

10 €****

10 €****

10 €****

10 €****

* price per team
** on Saturday evening during podiums
*** free for children under 18, no registration needed for them
**** price per runner