Ut4M 40 Series

“A la carte” is the new credo of the Ut4M 2016. Many formulas to compose your weekend trail in Isère, based on your motivations and tastes.

In 2016, you will be able to run on the four Ut4M mountains independently. There will be a departure everyday from Wednesday to Saturday on a new mountain. Don’t hesitate to join us to run a race on 1, 2, 3 or even 4 mountains and take up the Ut4M Challenge.

Find on this page a brief description of how the race takes place in each of the 4 mountains and then go to the page corresponding to the mountain of your choice to find all the technical information


Ut4M 40 Vercors

From Grenoble (205m), in the Paul Mistral Park, runners soar to the top of Moucherotte (1900m) by the Olympic venue (tremplin olympique) before heading to the stade de neige of Lans en Vercors. The Moucherotte is the highest point of their visit in the Vercors, which offers them a splendid view of the valley below.

From there, they go up to the famous St Michel peak, go back down on the col de l’Arc and then to Vif via St Paul de Varces. They cross the Mountain of Uriol to reach the finish line in Vif.

Come and discover this mountain in the company of runners of the Ut4M Solo 160 and Ut4M 160 relay with who you will be at the departure on Friday morning. You will find at your side the runners of the Ut4M 160 Challenge, who will start their third mountain in three days.

They return by shuttle bus to park Paul Mistral where the finish line and their friends / family await them

Ut4M40 Oisans

Once the start is given in Vif, runners join the Laffrey Lake along the north balcony of Conest and then the station of Alpe du Grand Serre always by the North of Grand Serre.

They go through the cabane du Périmètre, the arête de Brouffier and Pas de la Vache, highest point of the course in the mountain of Taillefer (2414m) before descending to the Lake Brouffier and Lake Claret, the Lake Pourssolet and Lake Fourchu whose flora and atmosphere will make them believe they are in the middle of the steppe and tundra. Do not hesitate to book one day in a Yurt next to the Taillefer refuge!!

They then descend by the chalets de la barrière until Rioupéroux, place of arrival of this Ut4M Taillefer 40-Oisans. They return by shuttle bus to park Paul Mistral where the finish line and their friends / family await them.

Ut4M 40 Belledonne

Runners dash of Rioupéroux on the course of the Ut4M Vertical that will bring them to the plateau de l’Arselle (1600m) and the Olympic resort of Chamrousse.

They continue on a nice ascent in a very southern atmosphere to the Lake Achard before reaching the cross of Chamrousse (2250m). A short descent into a rocky landscape to the Robert lakes (2000m) and a long crossing to the Col de La Pra (2186m), near the Lake of Crozet, before tackling the climb to the Grand Colon (2394m) ..

They then continue their journey back down by the barns Freydière to the Versoud and cross the valley Grésivaudan in St Nazaire-les-Eymes where their race ends.  They return by shuttle bus to park Paul Mistral where the finish line and their friends / family await them.

Ut4M 40 Chartreuse

Once given the start in St Nazaire-les-Eymes, runners run along the Manival torrent on the first few hundred meters which are in lowlands and urban areas. The runners then reach the col de la Faita (1425 m) by running up the Manival.

After going through the col l’Emeindras, they arrive at the food station of  Habert de Chamechaude where the team of volunteers will allow them to get ready to go storm the summit of Chamechaude (2082m), dominating the last mountain of the Ut4M . The long descent to the pretty village of Sappey en Chartreuse (1000m) should leave traces in the legs before a short climb to the St Eynard (1300m) where a beautiful view of the city of Grenoble awaits them. A little vertical drop to arrive to the Col de Vence (782m) and it is time to reach la crête du Mont Rachais that leads directly to the heights of La Bastille, which tells them it is the last 5 kilometers before the finish line in the Paul Mistral Park.