Podoperformance Recommendation


Dear runners,

For the third running year, Podoperformance, the French chiropodist association, will take part to UT4M to help you making the most of this run that you have been preparing for quite some time. For those who already took part to this race, this newsletter will be a repetition. For the newbies, you will find our advice for the optimal preparation of your best ally: your feet.

I guess some of you are looking at their feet thinking « why do my feet need to get prepared? I run all year long and they are fine… ».

Sure, but running 160km (99, 42 miles) is not harmless. When everything is fine, there is no problem to think about, but just imagine you get a blister and still 90 kms (55, 92 miles) to go…

Runners often realize too late (on the moment they have the blister) that a small blister or a subungual hematoma (bleeding under nail) can make them stop – and that would be a pity !

Here is some advice to minimize the risk to suffer such injuries.

Before the run :

Step 1 : go and see your chiropodist around 2 to 3 weeks before the run, in order to have all hyperkeratosis removed (corns, calluses, bunions) that blisters love to appear on.

During this appointment with your chiropodist, s/he will trim your nails at the right length. Take care of them until D day, to avoid subungual hematomas.

Step 2 : during the 3 weeks previous  to the race, you need to prepare your skin.

In the morning, tan your skin with lemon juice (or a tanning cream) and apply it on the whole foot and toes (ask advice to your chiropodist)

In the evening, apply a moisturizing cream on the whole feet because though your skin must be tanned, it must remain moisturized as well.

On the D Day : the hour previous to the run, use a moisturizer generously (this is not a day care cream!). The longer the race, the more moisturizer you will need. If you know you are likely to get blisters, just wear 2 pairs of socks: the thinner and more adjusted first, and the wider on top of it.

To conclude, I will set a cat amongst the pigeons : break the shoes you are going to run with before the race !!!

During the run :

If unfortunately you get a blister or a subungual hematoma while running : you will find Podoperformance chiropodists on 3 sites (Rioupéroux, St Nazaire les Eymes, Grenoble). You can stop to get treatment and go back and run. We will send you soon the exact time the chiropodists will be there.

After the run :

When reaching the finish line and reaching your goal, you can take your time to get treatment from the Podoperformance team and good advice in Grenoble.

Podoperformance & UT4M :

Podoperformance is a French association of field chiropodists. We have joined the Ut4M organization team since the race creation to set the chiropodist hub ahead of the race and during the D day. We would like to thank them for their trust.

Have a great run everyone.

Kind chiropody regards,

Alice Giroud

President at Podoperformance