Runners’ stories 2015

Find here some Ut4M 2015 runners’ stories. If you want to share you race report with us, please feel free to contact us :

Ut4M 160

Lapins Runners
Their rabbits ears are from now so famous! Here is their race report.. Funny & Authentic, such as they are.

Luca Papi
Luca has ran our Ultra since the beginning of our race and finished 3rd this year. Congrats ! Here is his report

Carole Adam
Carole has finished in third position on women senior podium. She has been promoting our race during several months this year as Ut4M Ambassador. She reports on her experience in this long race report

Christophe Salmeron – Korb
Korb is one of our Ultra addict. Congratulations to him for finishing this year. He tells you his 2015 story.

Romain Chauny
He is writing so well that we were in his Ut4M 160 ! Thank you Romain for your report !

Yann Gobert
Thank you Yann for this fantastic Ut4M160 Race report. Thrilling !

Laurent Souchon – Laulau
“This sport can only be the most important thing among the secondary things in my life”. Thank you Laulau for this and for your Ut4M160 report

Nicolas Arbib
Nicolas climbed the second stair of our 160 podium in this category! After all, it’s just normal… Discover his race report !

Will Thames
He went from very very far way. For sure the farest. Will comes from Australia and decided to align on our 160 Departure. This was a great challenge considering the fact that Brisbane does not propose him any playground to train such as our French Alps. He renamed our race Ut3M : we let you discover why. Thank you Will, we are So greatfull for all what you did, wrote about our race. Hope to see you again to achieve the 4th M :)

Olcsak Jozsef
They have accepted to tell about their Ut4M in thei mother tongue in order to convince the runners of their country to come in 2016. Thank you Jozsef, from Hungary for his report

Christophe Nicaise
Christophe decided to run his first Ultra in 2014 on our tracks. He has decided to follow this adventure with an fantastic film on his own adventure. You can as well discover his family’s eyes on this year of preparation and the way they have live the race. Following one’s runners is easy on Ut4M because all refuel points are very accessible. Thank you Christophe for this great film !

Christophe Guillon
Christophe was finisher Ut4M160 in 2015, and he completed the round of our 4 ranges in 47h 43min. With a friendly and moving musical soundtrack , he delivers a video testimonial that combine landscapes , runners and volunteers to give you an insight of the Ut4M atmosphere. This video is a perfect illustration of the amazing points of view you will discover along the path , and of how the 4 moutain ranges follow on after one another . In doing this video, and according to his own words he hopes to encourage those runners who still doubt to move on to the next step and register.Thanks for the video !

Ut4M 90

Stéphanie Schmitt
Stéphanie is one of our early runner : she knows Ut4M very well now but is still so passionate. She ran part of her UtM490 along with Jerome, 2015 UT4M ambassador. And you know what : she is now ambassador herself for this 4th edition !

Julien Djozikian – Mangeur de Cailloux
“Mangeur de cailloux” (which litterally means “stone eater”) is one of our trustfull followers on the social media but is also… an Ut4M runner. Enjoy his Ut4M90 race report !

Johan Daval
Johan took a GoPro with him during his 90 km of Ut4M… sometimes it’s mooving a bit but our tracks are in the mountains ! Thanks a lot for this video report

Jean-Sébastien Thomas
He could have described each centimetres of the Ut4M 90 because he wrote the roadbook about it. Jean Sebastien, one of our 2015 Ut4M ambassador, started the race on Saturday but nothing went as expected…

Ut4M 160 Relais

Endurance Shop Echirolles
Rémy is our Ut4M Official coach and has been providing precious advices to you all along this year. He alson runs Ut4M, of course. This year was in relay format. Let’s discover his reports.

Ut4M 40 Vercors

Olivier Vitrac – Totorunning
He went to cover Ut4M for Union Running World And ran our Vercors Race. Thank you Olivier for this very detailed report race ! See you in 2016 !

Ut4M 40 Chartreuse

Tei Laine
They attended all our recognition during the year, cooked delicious muffins, and took departure on our Ut4M40 Chartreuse… We let you read the rest of their race story !

Wendy Jaunet
“The strongest muscle is the brain” : Wendy explains you why !

Photo : Richard Couret

Timothée Nalet – Peignée Verticale
Here is thimotée, a photographer and a runner ! He went direct from Norway where he ‘s just shot Tromso Skyrace to run our Ut4M40 Chartreuse. And apparently, he loved runnning in Parc naturel régional de Chartreuse, where he was training when he was as student ! Thank you Timothée for coming and for this report !

Tony Gamba
40km in Chartreuse for Tony and still magic in the air… Thank you Tony for this report


Seb – Serre File
This volunteer reports on the race from his very personal point of view