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Find on the link below advices from our coach Rémy Marcel for this month :
Coaching par Rémy Marcel : April 2017

remy1 Dear runners of Ut4M 2017, our coach Rémy Marcel is back for another year to help you to reach your goals.

Rémy is…

  • an ultra trailer having impressive track records (among others 2nd to Ut4M 160 in 2014, member of the French team championship of long trail in 2013 …) it tells with enthusiasm here: http://3d-trail.over-blog.com
  • a coach who provides some of you his personal advice (http://www.remymarcel.fr)
  • a coach of the « AL Echirolles Athlétisme »
  • a nice boy, listening, having the state of mind and values we love in Ut4M.

Find Remy in the newsletter each month for the word from the coach, but also on our paths during some explorations in the spring.

And all this is our gift for you guys! That’s also the Ut4M mind.



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