Belledonne massif

Belledonne, beautiful and mysterious

The Belledonne territory consists of 54 mountain communes that goes from the Gresivaudan valley, Grenoble to Chambery, the Savoyard communes in the northern part of Belledonne, then Hurtières to the communes of the Glandon valley and then back to Oisans with the Vaujany and Allemont communes. It is a geologically recognised territory.

Belledonne is characterised by its different levels, balconies, forests, meadows and then summits. Thanks to the beauty of its peaks, the purity of its crystal clear waters and its majestic vistas, the Belledonne chain is a standing invitation for calm and contemplation.
Belledonne is also a recreational area where a multitude of sporting activities are practiced such as trail running. This is why Belledonne will welcome the UT4M course at the end of August. This event will help exploring the beautiful trails in Belledonne in a new manner. Belledonne knows how to make you feel welcome.

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Addresses to have

The booklet “Au fil de Belledonne” (PDF) has some good addresses for you in the massif (Accommodation, eating out, etc.). You can also find this information on their website.