Taillefer massif


The Taillefer is the smallest of the 4 massifs that surround Grenoble. Geologically it is an extension of the Belledonne chain of which it is separated by the Romanche valley, which makes it a part of the Oisans region.

It is dominated by the Taillefer summit (2857m) with its sweeping panorama over Grenoble, dominates Chamrousse on the other side of the Romanche valley, and extends to the Ecrins massif in the South-East all the way to the Devoluy in the South-West and stands above the Matheysin valley bordered by the Drac that divides it from the Vercors massif.

The rugged mountains and wilderness of the Taillefer chain provide exceptional hiking trails from down in the valleys up to the ridges looking out on the peaks of Belledonne, Ecrins and even Mont Blanc.

Recreational activities are snow and mountain oriented within a convivial and family atmosphere. The Alpe du Grand Serre ski resort at the foot of Taillefer extends up to the Lacs Laffrey in order to offer a diverse playground for alpine skiers of all levels. During summer the resort is the departure point for many hikes in the massif as well as for those looking for steep slopes, the opportunity to climb the nearest via ferrata.

In the Oisans, the Taillefer chain hosts the ski resort village of Ornon. During winter, this small station allows for the joys of skiing away from the crowds in a warm and family atmosphere. Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing enable you to fully enjoy a wild and unspoiled space in the heart of the national park of Ecrins. Summer is perfect for hiking, road cycling and mountain biking. The manned Taillefer hut offers a rest stop in the middle of the mountains. The Ornon commune is made up of several hamlets where you can detour to meet local producers, members of Oisans Savoir-faire Route.

Livet Gavet lies at the feet of the Belledonne and Taillefer chains. We often talk about this commune as it is the portal way to Oisans. This spot has a rich impressive industrial past, as explained in the Romanche museum situated in the village of Riouperoux. The entire valley still has exceptional hydropower production know-how today. The largest hydroelectric project in France is currently under way in the valley.


tourist information :
http://www.oisans.com (communes d’Ornon et Livet Gavet)