What is Ut4M?

It is a major sporting event in Grenoble and in the world of trail running.

It’s the Ultra-Tour of Grenoble following the summits of the mountain chains surrounding it.

But don’t be fooled! It is a race on footpaths and single tracks. Very little asphalt is involved…

And you are going to feast your eyes day and night with magnificent vistas from each summit and ridge travelled on during this spectacular course.

 Some key figures:

  • 4 massifs surround the “Capital of the Alps”
  • 3 “nature” races, one of which is the Ultra 160 km (solo or relay)
  • 3 Olympic sites and 5 ski resort crossed
  • 900 runners and almost the same amount of support personnel over the 3 courses
  • 13 refreshment posts
  • More than 30 communes crossed

Creating this major sports event, it was obvious that these 4 massifs should feature in an event that would link them and the city for a great sporting weekend.

Here is the Ultra-Tour of the 4 Massifs around Grenoble that we hope will become a reference point in the trail running world.


Grenoble, the capital of the Alps, benefit from an exception environment. Stendhal wasn’t wrong when he said that from any street the four massifs are looking over the city. Each with their own characteristics, they are a permanent invitation to escape, discover or enjoy sports.

The Vercors is a mid-mountain massif (culminating at 2340m). Important for the Resistance during the Second World War, it has become a paradise for cross-country skiing lovers.

The Taillefer is a small massif, culminating at 2860 metres. It is a space that has remained wild regardless of its proximity to a big city.

Belledonne is the biggest and highest of the massifs crossed (2977 metres). It is very popular with alpine and ski touring skiers and during summer time hikers come here to find peace and a “high mountain” atmosphere.

La Chartreuse is the massif North of Grenoble. It is the least high at 2080 but with numerous valleys and lush vegetation.

The 4 massifs

Mountains are omnipresent in Grenoble with its 4 mountain ranges surrounding it.

During winter there is ski touring, cross-country skiing…and in summer hiking…But of course this region offers more than just summits to climb.

There are lakes such as Monteynard or Laffrey (runners will pass these during the race) where sailing, windsailing and kitesurfing depend on the whims of the wind.

There are hundreds of kilometres of bicycle paths where cyclists and rollerblades travel alongside each other.

The Vercors and Chartreuse looks like Swiss cheese with their caves, fault troughs and other holes where speleologists rummage in search of new tunnels.

Not to forget about the rivers used for rowing, kayaking and canyoning.

Course security

Course security

A race of this magnitude needs to take significant measures to ensure the safety of its runners throughout the course and during the 53 hours of the event.
We therefore rely on mountain rescue professionals from Grenoble to ensure the following:
- Mountain specialists (mountain guides, military, CRS – national police) for:
• Putting the markers up for the course;
• Maintaining check points at altitude,
• Closing the check points after the last runners and ensuring that none of them stopped or got hurt during the course,
• Securing delicate transition points,
• Ensuring a close coordination with the FFSS in case of need for an intervention.
- The FFSS (French Federation Rescue & Relief) has more than 12 teams as well as a Relief Command Centre (with regulating doctor) of the SSG-38 (Grenoble First Aid) for:
• Delivering care where needed throughout the course with a permanent presence at certain check points,
• Controlling the health of the runners to intervene in case of hypoglycaemia, heat exhaustion, dehydration, fatigue, etc.
• Organising the necessary intervention with emergency services.
- The teams of podiatrists, physiotherapists and osteopaths at the main check points and the finish line to provide specific care to runners.
– The company GeoFP whose software saves the information of each runner when they pass the different check points during the course thanks to a small RFID tag that is integrated with the race bib. The race bibs are scanned at each check point and the data is immediately transmitted to the safety manager. The UT4M safety manager can thus follow the runners without the need of paper or telephone communication and without the danger of data error. This centralised follow-up is an aid for monitoring the race. It is a guarantee of safety for a race like the UT4M which takes place over 50 hours non-stop, meaning two nights at high altitude.

The organisation

Who are we?

For many inhabitants of Grenoble the mountains have become their Northern star. This is true for all the members of the organisation who are in constant movement, both training and preparing for events in which they will compete or simply to go enjoy the landscapes, the flora and its fauna that is so unique (marmots, mouflons, chamois, does and stags that we so often see).
Our association regroups thus a group of friends, runners and lovers of outdoor sports of all kinds. Some are former champions but not all; we are first and foremost passionate about sports and nature. Engineers, project leaders and managers in our professional lives, we have some experience organising smaller sports events.

Main character trait: passion and commitment. Promoter of this event, closely involved with the organisation of the Grand raid des Pyrenees, he has participated in many trails, orienteering and multi-sport adventure racing either solo or as the member of a team. Former member of the trek team “Absolu Raid” in which they finished in the top 10 of the “Raid in France”, a 6 day event that is part of the Adventure Racing World Championships. He finished 2nd in the team category of the Grand Raid des Pyrenees (240km) in 2012.
Outdoor sports lover: mountaineering, biking, running, river sports. He has completed a number of well-known races such as Saintélyon, Templiers etc. He is always game to take on a challenge. And this is a big one!
He has been travelling on different footpaths for more than forty years. Mont Blanc proved to be a place of revelation for him where the need to climb was at its strongest. Being athletic from a young age, he discovered trail running around Chamonix. A passion was born allowing him to reconcile physical effort and discovering summits and landscapes. His adopted city, Grenoble, the Bastille fortress and its surroundings hold no secrets from him.
He is a happy participant of ultra-trails and is still surprised and amazed by this discipline. With the hope that there will be a lot of runners will dare to take on the ULTRA. He volunteers in sports clubs (Paragliding, multi-sport) and competes in trails and free flight events.
He is an endurance sports and nature races enthusiast. Former trail and road runner: 100km, Grand Duc de Chartreuse, Marathon des Sables and long distance triathlete (Embrunman).
The feminine touch in the team bringing some sensitivity so often lacking in the male sex. She makes sure that deadlines are met. She regularly jogs along the Isere but is above all an outstanding dancer.
Look at him run! A Grenoble native who knows even the smallest track in the surrounding mountains. He is addicted to nature and sports, intensive practice of trail running and competitions. He takes pleasure in discovering, going beyond his limits, sharing with others.
Templiers, CCC, UTV, TGV, Ardechois, Grands Ducs, Gapençimes, Drayes du Vercors, these are just the tip of the Iceberg. Finally fulfils a wish very dear to him, that of organising an event that excites him. He hopes that this event will be a success for all.
He is an ex road and nature runner (Marathon des Sables, Trail des Cerces, 20 Marathons, 6 Balcons de Belledonne), ex triathlete (Ironman d’Embrun), former cross-country skier (Transjura) and now a converted volunteer.
He runs, he jumps, he pedals, he skis short, this is an amateur mountain sports … provided that there is no water! Former winner team of the Coupe de France raids Mountain Strategy, he began to trail for some time. However, it still takes more pleasure in organizing an event that allows more fans to indulge their passion.
Finds happiness with the trails in the area since his arrival in Grenoble in 2012. Yoga enthusiast and passionate mountain, she runs from her childhood, first on heaps North and now in the Vosges and the Alps. Today it is with happiness that she participates in the organization of UT4M, hoping that this event was a great success!


Association Grenoble Outdoor Aventure

For more convenience we have formed an association under the Act 1901.
Association Grenoble Outdoor Aventure
6 place Gustave Rivet 38000 Grenoble