Le prologue de l’Ut4M !

The first runners of the 2018 edition of Ut4M will start on August 23rd. It seems far away? To the whole organization team too! And as we miss you, we want to find you soon dear runners! While Ut4M is still more a la carte, we decided to start with appetizers by creating since 2017 the Ut4M Prologue! And what's more delicious than tackling the mythical rise of the Arselle Ut4M Vertical?

The Ut4M KMV Prologue, May 26, 2018, will also be an opportunity to recognize parts of the course, with this key passage of the Ut4M 160 Xtrem that is the climb of the Arselle, halfway to your adventure just after the second life base in Rioupéroux. Do you want more ?

To ensure a boosted atmosphere, we will perform the climb at night, go to 21h for the departure of the first rider! And to spice it all up, our partners and friends of the 27th BIM mountain troops will be by our side, including to compete, so come and measure up to them!

Go, a little last for the road! The Ut4M Prologue is a vertical kilometer (2.6 km for 1000 m of elevation gain) on which you will be timed, but once arrived at the top, it will take a little more breath to be timed on the second section, a a flat two-kilometer sprint that will take you back to the cross-country skiing center of l'Arselle where you will be welcomed thanks to the resort of Chamrousse. You will each have a maximum of two hours to reach the finish. At the end of this event, we will determine who will be the leaders of the Ut4M 160 Challenge 2018, starting from the first stage on August 23rd. They will have the right to proudly wear the chasubles of best climber or sprinter of the 2018 event.

Practical side: there will not be for everyone, you will be a few privileged to discover this magical atmosphere at the rate of 20 euros until May 20, 5 euros extra! The bibs will be handed out on Saturday, May 26, 2018 from 5pm to 8pm at the Arselle plateau (cross-country skiing center).

To help you in your travels, the organization sets up, for 5 euros (registration possible until May 20), a transfer shuttle between the plateau of Arselle (home cross-country skiing) and the departure of the race at Rioupéroux. Or think about carpooling!

Access to the starting point of the event via the race path will not be allowed (see rules of the Ut4M Vertical race). Upon your arrival, ravito and barbecue in a festive atmosphere and a majestic setting!


26th May 2018 - 21h - Livert-et-Gavet Rioupéroux
Domaine de l'Arselle in Chamrousse
3 km for the KV section - 2 km for the sprint section
1 000 m
0 m

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Tarifs inscriptions

Course : 20 € (majoration 5€ après le 20/5/18)

Option : navette 5 €

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