On the occasion of Ut4M 2018, a first research project will be conducted by the HP2 Laboratory team with the support of FitnessBoutique.


On the occasion of Ut4M 2018, a first research project will be conducted by the HP2 Laboratory team with the support of FitnessBoutique.


  • To study the different dimensions of the fatigue induced by the Ut4M tests: the Ut4M 160 Xtrem, the Ut4M 160 Challenge, the Ut4M 100 Master and the Ut4M 40 Chartreuse
  • Characterize the different components of fatigue developed during and at the arrival of these 2 races and recovery in the following days


  • 90 volunteer runners of the 4 selected races
  • Series of evaluations a few weeks before the events, the day before, at the end of each race and in the days and weeks following the events
  • Assessment from a muscular, cardiovascular, energy and water balance and sleep point of view


  • MARCH 2018: Deposit of the research project to the regulatory authorities
  • APRIL 2018: Call for volunteers from runners
  • MAY 2018:
    Development of evaluation protocols
    Logistical organization of field tests
  • JUNE 2018: Selection of 60 selected volunteer runners
  • JULY 2018; Initial assessments at the HP2 laboratory in Grenoble
  • AUGUST 2018:
    Pre- and post-race evaluations Ut4M 160
    Data Acquisitions
    Evaluations in recovery phase up to +10 days
  • SEPTEMBER 2018: Start of data analysis
  • OCTOBER 2018: Interpretation of results
  • NOVEMBER 2018: Presentation and dissemination of the first results



For this study, a call for volunteers is issued to riders registered in the selected events.

The call for volunteers (only the following events: Ut4M 40 Chartreuse, Ut4M 100 Master, Ut4M 160 Challenge and Ut4M 160 Xtrem) will allow the selection of 90 riders in total who will undertake to carry out a series of evaluations before and after their races. (see below) in Grenoble. To apply, the rider must be a man or a woman, aged 18 to 55 years and not present cardiovascular, metabolic or neuromuscular pathologies.

Ut4M runners who are volunteers and selected to participate in the Ut4M 2018 research project will complete a series of evaluations using the following program:

  • June 2018: Confirmation of selection to the volunteer runners selected for the study; sends questionnaires to fill out
  • Between early July and mid-August 2018: a visit to the South Hospital of Echirolles for a medical consultation, a test of effort and familiarization with the main tests (session of 2 hours, exact date to be defined for each runner according to his availability and that of the laboratory)
  • Between the 20th and the 25th of August 2018 : each runner will carry out a series of evaluations which will constitute the pre-races measurements (1h30 of measures approximately, to be programmed for each runner between August 20th and the day before (see the morning of the departure for the runners of the 160 Xtrem) of the departure of the race: place South Hospital on August 20-21 and 22, Vif August 23, Riouperoux August 24, Grenoble August 25)
  • Immediately after crossing the finish line of his race (and of its stage for the riders of the Ut4M 160 Challenge) and in a room provided for this purpose on the place of arrival of the race, each runner will repeat the series of evaluations carried out before the race (1h30 maximum)
  • 2 (August 27 or 28), 5 (August 30 or 31) and 10 (September 4 or 5) days after completing his race, the runner will repeat the same series of evaluations, at the Sud d'Echirolles hospital (3 visits of 1h30 each)

Participation in this study is unpaid. Volunteer runners must be able to make themselves available and come to the places of achievement of the various evaluations as described above. Participation in this study will allow the selected volunteer runners, in addition to contributing to the development of knowledge in the field of trail, to obtain personal information about its maximum aerobic capacity (VO2max), its fatigue and its recovery from professionals in medicine and research in sport.

If you would like more information and to apply to participate in this study, send an email to the following address : rechercheut4m@gmail.com